Cheapest Way To Ship A Car?

When shipping a vehicle to another place you want it done correctly and as cost-effective possible. Whether the vehicle was purchased on eBay or just relocating the car to your new home, there is several cheapest way to ship a car from one place to another. Variation in cost can be determined through the type of truck the car will be shipped in, dates and geographic locations involved in the shipment.

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Car transport companies can give you a better deal if you book at least two weeks or more prior to the shipment date. Why? Because they will have a lot more time to coordinate their truck drivers and access more truck space due to the wide range of days they have to work on your shipment.

Another way to find the cheapest way to ship a car is determined through the type of truck you want for your car transport. Open truck vs enclosed truck has pros and cons of both types. When shipping a car on an open truck you will get it done for a lot less, but your car will be exposed to any weather during the transit period. While, shipping on a cover truck your vehicle will not touch absolutely anything, but you have to pay much more to ship this way.

Finally, another way to find the cheapest way to ship a car is determined on the locations involved. Sometimes you can find transport routes that count with many auto transport companies fleet doing circuits on a weekly basis. Making price negotiable due to the high demand and truck space available. Compared to when your shipping a car to another location that is considered blackout. Basically, not many trucks go there. In order to get a car shipped, you will be charged an extra fee to have a truck go there.